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Staff happy at work

Staff happy at work

The Pins and Ribbons story ‘officially’ began in July 2006. However, my love of sewing and making things, a skill encouraged by my Mum, goes back much further than that.

With so many mass-produced, imported and poorly-made home accessories filling the UK’s retail shelves, I wanted to offer something different – attractive yet affordable, high quality soft furnishings which were all handmade to order from start to finish in England.

Looking back, it’s amazing to see how far things have come. In those early days, I relied on one sewing machine; a small handmade pamphlet to promote the business and a product range restricted to memo boards, doorstops, aprons and peg bags. I didn’t even have a website!

Today, Pins and Ribbons Ltd has grown into a customer-focused, thriving business, yet despite all this, I always remain passionate to delivering the ‘made in England’ values that launched Pins and Ribbons in the first place. It’s what keeps me happy and our customers coming back time and time again!

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