PVC tablecloths are essentially a tablecloth product that is based from cotton cloths and are coated in plastic. These are the tablecloths that primarily function to be easily cleanable due to the ability it provides to simply wipe off the surface in order to remove any spills or crumbs. PVC tablecloths are oftentimes recognized as oilcloths, which are distinguishable as the printed fabrics made from cotton that is then glazed in a hot melt vinyl plastic coating.


Utilizing PVC tablecloths proves to be an essential and vital decision due to the many benefits that come with using them. One of the major benefits of PVC tablecloths is the amount of time it reduces cleaning after use. Tablecloths are undoubtedly used as a tool to keep the surface of a table clean, however, having to clean the table cloth is a time consuming and oftentimes seemingly unnecessary step. The PVC tablecloth is a useful type of tablecloth because it makes this process of cleaning up after a meal a lot faster. The main method of cleaning this tablecloth comes from a simple wipe which is easy to do because of the material that the cloth is made from. The vinyl plastic allows the tablecloth to have a glossy, smooth surface which essentially allows for a wipe-clean finish.

Additionally, the PVC tablecloth, due to its vinyl plastic finish, is primarily recognized for its waterproof build. Much of the mess that usually builds up on tablecloths come from liquids or fluids spilling and staining the cloth. With PVC tablecloths, the lack of porosity in the plastic allows for a waterproof finish which makes cleaning easier as well as no staining on the cloth. The beautiful and welcoming prints on tablecloths often become damaged and dirtied during and after meals, but the PVC tablecloth enables the preservation of the print without any staining.

Are they safe to use?

PVC tablecloths are, without a doubt, safe to use and in fact, demonstrate a material that is durable and accessible everywhere. This cloth is an essential part of the home, to be used on all necessary surfaces to make sure that cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the environment in which it is placed. PVC tablecloths are a beautiful addition to the dining table or kitchen table because it adds an element of safety and comfort while eating, the knowledge of an easy wipe-off is near.

How to Buy a PVC Tablecloth

PVC tablecloths can be purchased online and on the high street, located in various types of stores. They are a key part of dining and their incorporation into the household as well as restaurants would be a great investment. They are also a cheap option for tablecloths because they do not require a constant need for replacement. The way that non-PVC tablecloths are maintained and cleaned, it is unnecessary to keep changing the cloth. PVC tablecloths can be wiped off by cheap products without the need for a large cleaning investment. Their overall structure and material of the tablecloth ensure an easy approach to keeping tables clean.